Who We Are
Doing the impossible is a regular element of Ceil Wloczewski’s career as a communications leader, whether she is meeting tight deadlines, budget limitations or exclusive markets. Ceil is a transformational creative services leader who adds value to company bottom lines through a rare blend of creative and organizational vision and execution.

She is a 30-year communications veteran in high-level marketing in the IT services industry and the federal government marketplace. Ceil is experienced in delivering marketing collateral to support technology and consumer markets, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, chemical, energy, natural resources and government contracting.

Proven Performance in Challenging Business Environments

For example, Ceil has strengthened competitiveness and bottom-line results by successfully operating a zero-based cost center. She maximized ROI to save a Fortune 150 company millions of dollars by delivering high-quality products and services at 20% to 40% below costs of external providers.

She is expert in guiding the science of marketing and communication materials that spur sales and inspire action. Ceil has personally directed creative teams that have earned over 170 competitive industry awards since 1990.

"It is kind of fun to do the impossible."
Walt Disney